Things to Consider 

Donate blood at one of the drives. 

Volunteer your service once each month of the year.

Add an extra $5.00 to your Sunday offerings. 

Make contact with one shut in or a person living at a nursing home. 

Send a note of appreciation to a public servant. 

Thank you mail carrier. 

Bring a treat to either a police, fire, or city works station 

Donate to an animal shelter 

Donate to a food pantry 

Clean a space and donate to Goodwill 

Donate to a Homeless shelter 

Donate to Salvation Army 

Donate to Rainbow House 

Contact a friend or relative that you have lost contact with recently 

Read a scripture one time daily 

Start every day in a prayer of praise, thankfulness and forgiveness. 

Fast 1 meal per month 

Share Christ with one person 

Invite someone to attend Sunday service with you 

Write a note of encouragement to a confirmand. 

Give a gas card to a minister. 

Make a meal for someone in need. 

Invite someone to share a meal with you. 

Recite the Lord’s Prayer daily. 

Send a letter of encouragement to a minister 

Send a letter of appreciation to a child’s teacher 

Take a walk outside one time per week in praise of nature 

Ask for forgiveness for a known wrong. And forgive where you have been wronged. 

Pick one habit you want to change, and make it so 7 consecutive days. 

Keep Sunday’s as the Sabbath 

Avoid any activity that dirties your spirit, (vulgar or violent TV, movies, books, or internet). 

Reduce personal use of technology by 20% 

Play a board or card game with family or friend one time per week. 

Teach a new skill to one other person 

Give a co-worker some kind of encouraging affirmation 

Perform one random act of kindness per week 

Go one week without criticizing or complaining