Share Your Gifts and Talents

On behalf of the Church, we would like to

thank each and every one of you for your

generous monetary contributions and your

increase of giving of your time and talent and


We have many exciting projects in the makings

for this year. Each and every one of

you has a very blessed gift and talent that I

ask you to share with this church. As we

move forward with many ministry opportunities,

I ask you to consider volunteering in

different areas such as visit and/or call on

the shut-ins; community outreach programs

that will be all local (keep an eye on the

newsletter); as well as other ministry opportunities
that will 
be coming up throughout the year.
consider sharing your wealth of talents and

skills. You may contact me at 715-735-

6323, or my cell #920-255-2402, or email

me at

Pastor Kevin