Looking for Directions?

Have you looked for directions, literally when your driving got

you lost, personally when you wished there was a better way to

live, or spiritually when you felt like God has abandoned you?

Yes, we all look for and need directions at some time or another

in our lives. The question is, where do you go for your directions?

The key is to look in the right direction for your directions, so

you get unlost and don’t make more of a mess for yourself.

I invite you to participate n this year’s Summer worship.

We’re focusing on prayer this Summer in our 3 churches. Prayer is the best and most helpful

way for you to get, stay and keep your life-giving connecting with God, your Creator and

source of hope, security and results you can truly enjoy.

I have created a one-page prayer checklist to guide your praying. Go here to pick it up.


Reverend Bill McBride, Pastor